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Our dive sites

A small excerpt of our 25 spots around Sipaway Island


house reef 

Our house reef is right next to the dive center. From the pier you can enter the water directly and comfortably.  With pre-booked diving packages (from 10 dives) non-limit diving is possible from 07:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. at any time. Diving without a buddy is also possible for certified solo divers during this time window and in calm weather. 

Our reef project also has some surprises in store and invites you to take part. 

23 Malapascua Island, Seaquest Dive Center, Philippins (71).jpg

Comote Wall

Camote Wall is a wall for experienced divers. Over the Campte Riff it goes along the slope to the wall, which starts at 35 meters. Here you will find a beautiful coral garden and even some caves. Sometimes, very early in the morning, thresher sharks can also be seen here at the cleaning station.

CelebesDivers - Rhinomuraena quaesita.jpg


Not far from the dive center is this dive site on the coast; can be reached in just 5 minutes by boat. Many small crabs, nudibranchs, frogfish and much more can be discovered between large blocks lying in the sand. The walls in the lower area lure with moray eels and it is not uncommon for a ghost moray to wiggle out of a gap.





Comote Reef West

Comote Reef West is definitely the dive with the most fish in the region. After diving, it goes past the "giant gorgonian" to the small coral garden. Macro life rages here. But with this spot, the best comes last, in the truest sense of the word. When diving out in the 5m range, life on the reef explodes on the intact reef top and the midday sun with picturesque light effects gives the feeling of being in paradise. 

CelebesDivers - Granchio di porcellana.JPG

Whispering Wall

Just next to the base is the "Whispering Wall". For experienced divers it can even be reached via the house reef. After the first part of  Slope-like it goes in 15 meters to the old "Banca". The wall starts here and leads along it in 30 meters to other attractions. The ascent to the reef is rewarded with many nudibranchs and shrimp of all kinds.


Alan's Place

This dive site south of Sipaway is a colorful place.


A nice slope with small coral boulders ends on a rocky wall that hosts a sea of soft corals.


This intact reef top,  gives you the feeling of diving in the middle of an aquarium. 

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