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This is our story

The "world of divers" with its unbelievably diverse and fascinating diving areas stretches across the entire globe and yet it is very small.
Since each of our team has been active in the diving & travel industry for decades, we have worked together many times on different projects and events.
Over this long period of time, a wonderful friendship developed between us!

When Detlev Bilan, the owner of the Whispering Palms Island Resort, made us the wonderful offer to run the dive center, we didn't have to think twice and accepted his offer.
This place not only offers us a home under water where we feel comfortable - it also enables us to implement many of our ideas and visions. 

You would like to know more about us and are involved in our projects
("Coral afforestation program" &  "Project Negros eV", our non-profit organization that works for and supports Filipino children and their schools).

Michael Peikert

T also since:   1990
Training level:

Instructor & Instructor Trainer / Instructor & Instructor Trainer
   > 6,000

Although I had my own diving center on Mallorca for many years, I was always drawn to it
So I was only too happy to take the chance here on Sipaway Island, together with my equally experienced and diving enthusiasts
  Friends,  to manage the dive center.
I am already looking forward to many wonderful dives with you.



Stephen Ketzer

T also since:     2007
Training level:

Dive Instructor & First Aid Instructor/Instructor & EFR Instructor
   > 1,500

I have lived on Sipaway Island with my family for many years and manage the Whispering Palms Resort. But in my free time I enjoy being able to dive with our guests to bring them closer to the fascinating beauty of the underwater world.



Petra Mandel

Diving since:  1994
Training level:

Diving Instructor / Instructor
  > 7,000

After organizing and accompanying liveaboards worldwide for more than 10 years, I am happy to have found my home port on Sipaway Island together with my partner.
I am particularly looking forward to being able to dive alone and in peace with our guests on the protected reefs. I used to miss this special luxury on most dives.
And the fact that we can give something positive back to nature here - with our reef project - motivates me all the more.



Thomas Oswald

dives since   2000
Training level:

dive master
  > 1,500

Ever since I started scuba diving, I have always loved coming to the Philippines.
I am all the happier to have found our new home on Sipaway Island together with my partner.
With our reef project, a dream has come true for me and I am already looking forward to being able to show our guests the intact UW world.



Diving since:   2009
Training level:

dive master
  > 2,500

Sipaway Island is my home;

I grew up here and not only love the people and nature above water, but also the creatures of the underwater world.

Since we all live very much in harmony with nature here in the Philippines, I am looking forward to being able to bring my homeland closer to our guests, especially under water.

Above all, it is a lot of fun for me to be able to introduce the divers to the smallest creatures, which many do not even notice or see because of their tiny size.

Ulrike Zipper

I don't dive, but there is a lot more to do at a dive center to keep the divers diving happy and content.

Even without diving training... -  i love the sea and enjoy swimming and playing  Snorkeling to observe UW creatures whenever time permits.

And I am very much looking forward to meeting many of the divers I have met during my many years in Egypt.

During my time in Egypt I organized liveaboards for years and also accompanied many of the tours.


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