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To learn diving

Start your adventure!  As an iac Dive Center and with our experienced diving instructors, we have been training divers all over the world for more than 30 years. We will also be happy to train you according to CMAS guidelines and, if you wish, we can also certify you according to SSI or PADI. All specialties are also possible from all four associations! From beginners to diving instructors, there are no limits. Our flexible training system supports you in your training. Sign up for one of our courses today and make your dream come true.


Open Water Diver

iac Open Water Diver

Surely you have already asked yourself what can be found and seen under the water surface. Why don't you find out for yourself? This course is your start into the underwater world.

Taucher Training im Pool


You will receive the CMAS* diving certificate if you complete a few additional lessons with and without diving equipment in addition to the iac-Open Water Diver.

Taucher mit Taschenlampe

Advanced Open Water Diver

Educate yourself and experience new areas in diving. While the iac Open Water Diver course was self oriented, the AOWD course focuses on deepening your diving skills.

Image by gokhan polat


You will receive the CMAS** certification (diving certificate) if you complete some additional theoretical and practical lessons in addition to the Advanced Open Water Diver.


Master Diver

The Master Diver course is a nice challenge. In this course, the main focus is already on other divers. This course will expand your knowledge and level of experience.

Image by Gerald Schömbs


The Dive Leader (CMAS***) is the highest level as a scuba diver and the "stepping stone" to becoming a diving instructor. This level of training entitles you to dive with beginners.


Open Water Diver

Start your underwater adventure

In the iac Open Water Diver course you will learn the basics of scuba diving. You'll start in a swimming pool or similar environment and move on to open water, the sea or a lake while gaining background knowledge.


  • Proof of swimming ability

  • State of Health Statement

  • min. 14 years old


Theoretical training:

  • equipment

  • Physics of Diving

  • Dive tables and dive computers

  • medicine

  • First Aid, CPR

  • Diving Environment and Environment


Practice Training: (Pool and Open Water)

  • Equipment assembly

  • Up and down

  • tare

  • pressure equalization

  • blow out masks

  • Regaining the regulator

  • And much more...


Advanced Open Water Diver

You do 3 specialties (Navigation and Deep Diving + one more of your choice! ) The skills you learn make diving even safer and more interesting and bring you one step closer to becoming an iac Master Diver.


Proof of an OWD
min. 14 years old

Theoretical and practical training

deep diving
1 more of your choice

Taucher mit Taschenlampe

Master Diver

This course will expand your knowledge and level of experience. Master Divers learn to care about the safety and well-being of others beyond their own experience. While this course presents a challenge, it rewards you with gaining strong self-confidence.


Proof of an AOWD Brevet
min. 16 years old
Proof of health status

Theory and practical training:

Specialty Stress & Rescue another of your choice
further special courses are recommended
Deepening of learned skills and knowledge

Master Diver


Minimum age: 14 years

Course content:

The CMAS* course includes the complete iac Open Water Diver and additional exercises required by the CMAS.

These are:

  • 1 additional dive under difficult conditions (deep diving, poor visibility, etc.)

  • advanced confined water practice

  • advanced open water exercises

  • Additional measurements without diving equipment (apnea)

Taucher Training im Pool
Image by gokhan polat


Minimum age: 16 years
Course content:
Building on your knowledge from the iac Advanced Open Water Diver course or the special courses Orientation, Group Management and 2 others of your choice, you will further refine your theoretical and practical skills and achieve the status of an independent diver. This course also includes apnea exercises such as 7.5m deep diving, 25m distance dive and 45 sec time dive.



With the Dive Leader you already take on a high degree of responsibility and you are a link between diving instructor and diving student.



Proof of a Master Diver or CMAS** certification
min. 18 years old
Proof of health status
min. 65 logged dives, of which at least 10 are between 30 & 40 meters
Dive deep
Diving safety and rescue
night diving
First Aid or CPR/O2/AED

Theoretical training

Repetition/deepening of CMAS** or Master Diver
Diving related legislation
diving equipment
diving physics
diving medicine
Psychological factors in diving
Dive Planning & Dive Management
Assessment of environmental conditions/environmental influences
Diving with inexperienced divers

Practical training

60 sec. Time diving, 45m distance diving, 10m deep diving
60 min time snorkeling with at least 1500 meters distance
Snorkel 150 meters to a scuba diver at 7.5 meters and transport to the surface
Fasten lines at a depth of 5 meters
Group tours with beginners
Speed-controlled ascents without fins
Hand over the second machine to a fellow diver
Place buoy and find it again
Diving compass course
night dive
First aid for water accidents

Image by Gerald Schömbs
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