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Special tours

We are very proud of our special diving area.

But there are other highlights in the area that we don't want to withhold from our guests.  

Therefore we have worked out different special tours for you:  visit the whale sharks... - the impressive wall of Barilli... - and the schools of sardines in Mambucal.

Even after 2-3 weeks, diving is anything but boring.  

For all our tours, only the tour fee is charged and you can easily dive the dives from your diving package. 


Whale Shark Tours

A great tour, not only for divers but also for those interested in nature and culture as well as for snorkelers.  

We swim in tropical waterfalls and snorkel or dive with the gentle giants.  ​​​

Image by Lance Anderson

Sardine Run

Just 3 hours boat ride away is Pescador Island off Moalboal. 
In a two day tour we set off for the exciting dives around the small island, which is known for its stationary school of sardines.

Snorkelers also get their money's worth here.

Other highlights are the night dive off Barili and the Robinson feeling when staying overnight on the beach

Tauchen im Korallenriff

The Drop Off

A wonderful day trip with up to three dives.

Discover the Barilli Wall. The wall, densely covered with soft corals, falls straight into the depths of the Taron Strait.

But you should always look into the “blue” with one eye. It's worth it... - whale sharks often pass by here.


Discover the gentle giants

This tour is something very special and not only for divers. 
We start in the morning, after breakfast, by car towards Badian, where we will arrive around noon. There we enjoy the great environment of the tropical waterfalls with lunch and go swimming in the tropical rivers.

In the late afternoon we reach Santander. There we move into the double rooms and then go out to eat together.  

The next morning we will be picked up by the dive boat directly at the jetty or beach. The crew takes care of the equipment. Now we drive about 30 minutes to the famous diving spot Sumilon Island. Here we will do the first dive and with a bit of luck we will see some white and/or black tip reef sharks.

Sumilon is also ideal for snorkeling at the tropical dream beach with its small well-frequented reef blocks.  

Around noon we continue to the whale sharks in Oslob. Protected by the rangers and with a limited number of participants, we will dive undisturbed with the gentle giants or snorkel if you want.  

After the great experience, it's back to Sumilon. Now we will strengthen ourselves with a cozy beach BBQ before we complete the third dive on the beautiful, colorful west side of the island. 

Then we drive back to the hotel (in Santander) and spend a wonderful evening together with delicious food.  

The next morning after breakfast we head back over the mountains of Cebu. The brute nature and the wild bush will impress every participant. If you wish, we can still visit the children and our school project in Alcoy.  

In the late afternoon, with many new impressions and great experiences, we reach the Whispering Palms Resort again, where we will surely have a lot to talk about over a sundowner.  

All cables listed are included in the price. Two drinks are included with meals in the restaurants. On the way we are sufficiently with water  fitted. Only the dives are submerged by your dive packages from Sipaway Divers.  

price per person  € 290.—*
*Minimum number of participants 4 people

Image by Jet Kim

Sardines off Pescador Island

We start comfortably at noon towards Barilli, where we drop anchor in front of the paradisiacal beach. There we make extensive use of the opportunity for swimming and snorkeling. Shortly before nightfall we offer a twilight/night dive. A beautiful place where it is not uncommon to see turtles looking for a safe place to sleep in the sheltered bay.  

After the night dive there is a romantic beach BBQ with a campfire. Overnight stays directly on the beach. If it rains, we move to the comfortable beach cabañas.  

The next morning we set off early to Pescador Island. From here it's only 30 minutes and we use the time for the briefing and to prepare to be the first in the water to meet the whole mass of fish. In the midst of the school of sardines it is often difficult to see the reef only 1-2 m away. When there is a “pop” in the water, eyes go blank again here, because that’s when the thresher shark hunts in the morning.  

After a hearty breakfast on board, we go straight into the water for the second dive in Pescador. Again, the whole swarm will be present. Alternatively, if you wish, we can dive the plane wreck 10 minutes further away.  

After a local lunch at Barilli Beach, we take a leisurely drive back to Sipaway, where we arrive in the afternoon. With a bit of luck, the dolphins of the Taron Strait will accompany us on our way home.  

Of course, meals are also included in this tour! Water, tea, coffee are plentiful. Only the dives are covered by your Sipaway Divers dive package.   

price per person  € 60.—*
*Minimum number of participants 4 people


Tropical Beach
Sardin Run
Image by Aviv Perets

Barilli Wall

We start very early in the morning to Barilli. On the one-hour boat trip there is of course coffee, tea and a small snack. The first dive is then also the deepest.  

Barilli Wall drops almost vertically into the depths of the Taron Strait. The walls are densely overgrown with an abundance of soft corals. Now the hour of the macro fans begins. Almost in every crack, every stone or coral there are all kinds of crabs, slugs,  pygmies - seahorses,  Ghostpipefishes, Blue ringed octopuses and much more to discover.  

Certainly not everything at once on every dive, but our guides, with their trained eagle eyes, almost always find everything.

But fish lovers will also get their money's worth here. The wall is, so to speak, a single aquarium.  

After the first dive there is breakfast on board and after a break we go back into the water at the "Wall".

After lunch we do the third dive. Don't worry, the wall is big enough and we will always dive at three different spots.

This ensures plenty of variety.  

The "Wall" is definitely an absolute highlight and also here... - It's important to always look into the "blue". We are just off the Taron Strait's Whale Shark Highway.  

On the way home we enjoy the well-deserved Sipaway - Divers - drink, with or without alcohol, and return to our home resort, the Whispering Palms, in the afternoon with many great underwater experiences. 

price per person  € 30,—




Image by David Clode
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